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DryFire from DryFire Midwest is the only electronic, laser generated target simulator for skeet, trap and sporting clays to receive the HHHHH FIVE STAR AWARD from Shotgunworld.com

Target Simulators for Game and Clay Shooters

Perfection Through Practice

You just missed a hard crossing pair. You thought your lead and swing was right but the call was "lost a pair". Wouldn't you like to know why you missed that pair and then practice that shot over and over again until you're perfect. Well now you can and for less than the price of a good shotgun. Imagine yourself standing on a Sporting Clay station (or a skeet or trap station, DryFire does all three plus many others) ready and waiting for that hard crossing true pair. You set up your stance ready to take the clays directly in front of you, at your chosen "break point", and then swing back about half way to the trap on the left ready to spot the clay as it emerges from the trees. Call "Pull" swing and fire. Dead bird. Locate the second target, swing and fire. Dead Bird.  DryFire allows you to duplicate that shot or any other shot in your own home.

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With a DryFire simulator set up in front of a wall in your own home you do exactly the same thing as you do on the range and you can instantly view where your shot hit that clay. If you miss, DryFire will tell you why.


The DryFire simulator is a metal box (about 6" x 6" x 4.25" - including height of camera head) that can project a moving target spot on a wall in front of you. It is used in conjunction with a Windows-based PC. 

What it can do: 

  • Allow you to use your own shotgun for practice at home.
  • Provide a wide range of layouts: sporting, skeet and trap. (Click for a list of disciplines supported.)
  • Make the target dot follow the same angular path, at the same angular speed, as a real clay from a real trap. You can go slower or faster if you wish. 
  • Show you the flight of the clay from any stand, in any discipline - it brings the stands to you instead of you having to walk from stand to stand. 
  • Allow you to take up position in front of the killing zone, swing back by the right angle to wait for the target, spot the target at the start of its flight, swing through the same angle (and at the same speed) as on the range, allow the correct amount of lead, fire at the right position and follow through the correct amount. 
  • Give you immediate feedback on hit/miss depending on the amount of lead required for each individual target. 
  • Provide you with accurate numerical data on how much you were off a dead-center hit - distance behind, in front, above, below. Obviously this takes into account the amount of lead you should have allowed for each target. 
  • Provide you with an on-screen picture of the size of your shot string (at the range the target was when you fired) and its position in relation to the clay. 
  • Allow for any different type of cartridge
  • Allow for any different type of choke (or two chokes for an O/U) etc. 

It does not project an image of the range on your wall. DryFire is not a PC data projector. 

No projector can handle targets as accurately as DryFire can produce them. A projector can be fun - we use them ourselves for demo days - but they are not suitable for serious practice on a wide range of different target types. Click here to see full details of the sort of room required to run DryFire.

The DryFire gun assembly fits on your shotgun with a soft plastic insert down your muzzle. The trigger assembly clips around the trigger. You take up position facing the wall and when you press the trigger it fires a pulse of invisible infrared light at the wall. The simulator also contains a camera that follows the path of the target spot. When you shoot at the wall the camera picks up exactly were you fired. 

The system is controlled by a PC that works out whether you had a hit or not. To do this it takes into account: 

  • The amount of lead required - for most clay targets you never aim directly at the target. 
  • The type of gun you are using and the chokes in each barrel. 
  • The type of cartridge you are using. 
  • How far the simulated clay is away from you - for example, around 20 yards for most skeet targets. 
  • DryFire knows if the clay was inside your shot string and, depending on the orientation of the clay to you (edge on, belly on, somewhere in between), whether enough pellets hit it, with sufficient energy, to break it. 

The PC screen shows you exactly where you fired and tells you where the center of your shot string was in relation to the clay - so far behind, so far above etc. 

It does what we say it does - no more and no less. That's it. This very brief explanation should tell you whether or not DryFire will be helpful to your shooting practice. Before you decide, it might be a good idea to check out our pre-purchase checklist page.

For less than $795 you can achieve Perfection through Practice.

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