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Since 1958Picture of GNLD Home Office!

The NEO-LIFE Company of America was founded by Donald E. Pickett and has been building a solid foundation of product quality for over 48 years, establishing many industry standards.  In 1970, Jerry Brassfield founded Golden Products, a dynamic direct-sales company which is already a household name in Europe.  Five years later, Jerry started Diamite in the United States and then acquired full interest in Neo-Life in 1983.  Now all three highly successful companies have been joined to form GNLD ... an exciting global network of dedicated entrepreneurs who share one common goal:   "Making A Positive Difference In People's Lives!"


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Gold Bar Line!
We're a new international company that is #2 in the world in global market access (over 50 countries) and on a fast-growth track that will see us become a household name around the world in the next five years!

We're a  fast-growth company ... already at $300 million in worldwide sales ... operating in 52 markets globally.  We'll be a  $1 billion company by 2008!   Our long-term goal is to be in every free country in the world!Graph showing growth to $1 billion

GNLD ... Into The 21st Century!

round buttonModern corporate headquarters in Fremont, California. Home offices in Europe, South Africa, and Australia.
round buttonState of the art manufacturing plant, research laboratory, 600 employees, 52 global business support centers, $100 million product inventory.
round buttonDebt-free private company.  Executive staff  has over 80 years experience in international network marketing.
round button"Scientific Advisory Board" with world-renowned scientists, including Dr. Arthur E. Furst, founder of chemotherapy.
round buttonLong-established, solid reputation for integrity, high quality, and a proven What's Right  philosophy:
What's Right     for the customer.
What's Rightfor the distributor.
What's Right for the company.
What's Right  for the environment.

GNLDGNLD and the World!What's Right For You!

Gold Bar!      

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